2017 Highlights


First season in higher grade and finishing 2nd on the ladder makes their effort extraordinary. Unfortunately, the flu-bug struck some key players during finals hindering their quest against teams at peak hungry for a slice of glory. Thanks to coach Shayne and manager Will for a well-run season.


First season as a team and did well with many draws and a win. It was always going to be a difficult journey for SL3 yet the sheer impetus for players to present weekly and do their best was outstanding. You guys did us proud holding it together; thanks to coach Rohan and manager Ally for their efforts.


Despite a 56% player turnover managed to secure both minor and premiership trophies. Rampaging through finals with a 6-0 win over Wests and a 2-1 win over St Pats was just stellar. 19 wins, 1 loss and a 66 goal differential; historically this makes for 4 consecutive years in finals, 2 consecutive years as minor premiers and 2 premierships. Thanks to all 17 coaches and manager Jayde for keeping them fed with energy throughout the season!


This year a few of us represented the ACT at Hobart for the Australian Masters Championship; Darrell O'Connor and Des Swift in the O60's, Bob Parkes, Gerard Yvanovich and Bunji Michael in the O55s and Chris Lucas in the O50s.

Gordon Gregory also attended representing NSW in the O75s but unlike us, they came away with bronze; we came away with bruises.

Local Competition

Queanbeyan United is a Queanbeyan-based field hockey club, with teams participating in all facets of the HockeyACT local competition, including mixed Hookin2 Hockey, junior girl's and senior women's and men's competitions.

Hookin2 Hockey

Hookin2 Hockey (formerly known as Minkey) is a modified form of hockey for beginners, both boys and girls, from 4 to 9 years of age. Queanbeyan United Hockey Club Hookin2Hockey teams play on Blundell Park in Queanbeyan on Saturday mornings from 09:00 to 11:00 during the winter hockey season (May to September).


Most Junior girls and boys teams play on Saturday mornings on turf fields located in Canberra and depending on the number of teams in the competition some are played on Friday nights. Teams playing on grass may have some games scheduled at Blundell Park in Queanbeyan.


The Capital and State Leagues Men's games are played on Saturdays and women's on Sundays on turf fields at the National Hockey Centre, Lyneham and the Tuggeranong Hockey Park, Tuggeranong.

The Men's Canberra Cup Midweek games are played mainly on Friday nights with the ocasional game played on Wednesday nights. The games are scheduled for 19:30 or 20:40 time slots also on turf fields at Lyneham and Tuggeranong.


Queanbeyan United Hockey Club also has teams competing in the summer twilight (mixed men and women) and indoor (girl's and women's) hockey competitions.



Hockey ACT released it's Strategic Plan 2012-2015, in early 2015, reinforcing the Board's committment to provide opportunities for rewarding and inclusive participation for individuals at all levels in the ACT region.  Hockey ACT's Strategic Plan clearly defines the key objectives and core values of Hockey ACT in it's dealing with members.

ACT Masters

ACT Masters Hockey fosters hockey as a vigorous team based sport that can be enjoyed well into one's senior years. This age group commences at 35 years to a less defined focus on the upper-bound.

Regular Monday evening competition is organised throughout the year and the number of teams involved varies depending on the season. Whilst most games are played at the National Hockey Centre, Lyneham at 19:30 or 20:30pm with an occasional 9:30pm slot some games are scheduled for Tuggeranong and Goulburn if teams from these centres are involved.

Queanbeyan United Hockey Club has two teams (Bulls and Phoenix) participating in this competition every year.

2018 Facilitators


U11 Stick2Hockey
Coach: Shayne Monahan
Manager: TBA
Umpire: TBA

Coach: Shayne Monahan
Manager: TBA
Umpire: TBA

Hookin2 Hockey
Coordinator: Shayne Monahan
Mentors : TBA

Delegate | Coordinator
Shayne Monahan


Coach: Shayne Monahan
Manager: Lara Lauvao
Umpire: HACT Pool

Coach | Manager: Heidi Moses
Umpire: Heidi Moses

Coach: Shayne Monahan
Manager: Will Unwin
Umpire: Will Unwin

Coach: Kristan Jobe
Manager: Bunji Michael
Umpire: Trevor Ovington

Manager: Jayde Michael
Umpire: Bob Parkes

Bunji Michael

Umpire Development | Coordinator
Wayne Gartner


Manager: Bunji Michael
Umpire: ACTM Pool

Manager: Mark Unwin
Umpire: ACTM Pool

Players Code

As a member of the QUHC players must observe the following requirements in regard to their conduct on the field:

  • Behave in a sporting manner at all times to all players, officials and spectators;
  • Don’t make detrimental statements in respect of the performance of any match officials or umpires;
  • Play by the rules at all times and ensure that the game of hockey is not brought into disrepute by your actions;
  • Do not engage in inappropriate and/or physical contact with players or officials during the course of play;
  • Accept responsibility for all actions taken;
  • Exercise reasonable care to prevent injury by ensuring that you play within the rules. Reasonable care consists of showing due diligence in abiding by the rules and adhering to the officials decisions;
  • Adhere to the Anti-Doping Policy advocated by Hockey Australia;
  • Do not bet on the outcome or on any other aspect of a hockey match or competition;
  • Do not try to achieve a contrived outcome to a match or competition, or otherwise improperly influence the outcome or any other aspect of a match or a competition;
  • Do not show unnecessary obvious dissension, displeasure or disapproval (by action or verbal abuse) towards an umpire or match official as a consequence of his or her decision or generally;
  • Abstain from the use of tobacco and the consumption of alcoholic beverages while in the playing/representative uniform;
  • Adhere to Hockey Australia racial and sexual vilification policy;
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion;
  • Don’t do anything which adversely affects or reflects on or discredits the game of hockey, Hockey Australia, Hockey ACT, QUHC or any squad, team, competition, tournament, sponsor, official supplier or licensee, including, but not limited to, any illegal act or any act of dishonesty or fraud; and
  • Refrain from using obscene, offensive or insulting language and/or making obscene gestures which may insult other players, officials or spectators.
Play by the rules. But be ferocious.
— Philip Knight (cofounder of Nike)