The Queanbeyan United Hockey Club (QUHC) committee members are elected from the rank and file of the club and hence are there to represent the club and players.

Much work is carried out behind the scenes by the committee to ensure that the QUHC remains a viable and vibrant sporting club. Work such as representing QUHC at the many ACT Hockey meetings, ensuring the funds within the club remain in the black, chasing up sponsorship, co-ordinating fundraising, organising presentation nights and recruiting players for both senior and junior teams are just some of the many activities the committee carry out.



Mark Unwin
0419 485385 |

Vice President
Alex Gillet
0412 333947 |

Heidi Moses
0408 662922 |

Mark Rattigan
0438 929195 |


Bob Parkes
0417 209855 |

Bunji Michael
0407 700619 |

Courtney Pemberton
0415 739034 |

Jayde Michael
0400 277729 |

Shayne Monahan
0417 799574 |

Will Unwin
0437 767919 |

There is but one degree of committment; total.
— Arnie Sherr


Public Officer | Publicity Officer
Tracey Lloyd

Senior Delegate
Mark Unwin

Junior Delegate | Coordinator
Shayne Monahan

Child Protection Officer
Shayne Monahan

Registrar | Senior Coordinator
Bunji Michael

Coaching & Development Coordinator

Umpire Development | Coordinator
Will Unwin

Property Officer
Jayde Michael

Website Manager | Social Media Coordinator
Jayde Michael

Sponsorship Coordinators
Mark Unwin & Bob Parkes