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Perpetual Trophies

Senior Club Person

<Mark Unwin>

Junior Club Person

<Mark Unwin>

Most Promising Junior Player

<Mark Unwin>

Ken Crampton Encouragement Award

<Mark Unwin>

Kookaburra Madonna Blythe Award

<Mark Unwin>

Kookaburra Coaching Commendation

<Mark Unwin>


Club Hotshot

The Club Hotshot trophy is sponsored by GUI Monster and is awarded to a team’s highest goal scorer who has achieved the highest effort with regards to game and score averages throughout the season. This trophy may be awarded to players from any competition type or grade in a season.

Team Awards

Players Player

The player’s player is awarded to a player with the most points decided by the player's team throughout the season on a game by game basis.

Most Valuable Player

The most valuable player is awarded to a player whom the coach with collaboration with key team players recognizes as the most consistent performer during a season.

Coaches Award

The coach’s choice is awarded to a player whom the coach alone deems worthy for their personal effort and contribution to the team during a season.

Team Hotshot

The highest goal scorer is awarded to the player or players who have contributed the most number of goals for their team in a season. This automatically includes the player(s) for nomination for the club's overall hotshot award.


An optional novelty award provided by the team for a team player whom they deem worthy of recognition is available however, we urge that this does not belittle or embarrass its recipient in any way that contravenes club ethics.